Welcome to the personal web space of Kelly, also known as Kya White Sapphire (@kwsapphire). Click a link on the left side of the page to explore! You can always come back to this page by clicking on the image of Sapphire above the menu. If you'd like to visit the artist who created that beautiful image, click her signature to the lower right of the picture!

About Me - Here you can learn more about Kelly (the human), and Kya White Sapphire (Kelly's avatar).

City of Heroes - Kelly played City of Heroes from May 1, 2004 until it was shut down on November 30, 2012. COH was the world's #1 Super-Powered MMORPG, and Kelly's favorite game of all time. Though the game has made its way into the sunset, Kelly keeps this content online to preserve this piece of her history. This part of the site includes videos, artwork, player-made guides, a historic calendar, KWS's Level 50s, and statistics on KWS's toons!

Neverwinter - Kelly started playing Neverwinter on its second Beta Weekend in February of 2013. A fan of all the Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights games (for both PC and PS2), she was excited to have a beautiful, immersive MMO to bring her back to the Forgotten Realms. This page contains character sheets and images of each of Kelly's toons in Neverwinter. You'll also find tips and information about the game!

Magic: the Gathering - This part of the site showcases Kelly's MtG card collection and a few of her decks. Kelly played Magic in 1997 & 1998, but then put the game down for over a decade. She briefly played online using Octgn in late 2012, but started purchasing cards and playing in tournaments again in late 2013. She now participates in Friday Night Magic as often as possible!

Addicted to Color - This is Kelly's Nail Polish Blog. She started painting her nails in ernest in August of 2013, but didn't start taking photos every week until recently. This page contains a photo of her paint collection, weekly updates of her latest paint, and tips and tricks she's picked up over time.

Gluten Free PDF - As a sufferer of Gluten Sensitivity, Kelly created a PDF that clearly explains what Gluten Sensitivity means, and lists many of the hidden forms of gluten. Feel free to print this PDF and keep it or hand it out as you find useful! You can also contact Kelly if you have any suggestions.

Photo Galleries - Here you'll find photos taken at conventions, with other galleries to possibly be added in the future.

YouTube Channel - (Opens in a new window) Kya White Sapphire's YouTube channel! Here you can find Animated Music Videos (AMVs), and all sorts of random nonsense.

Links - This page features links to several of Kelly's favorite places on the web.